NYC master swing dance teachers Tony Fraser and Jaime Shannon are some of the most sought after dance coaches and instructors around the globe. As a partnership they represent an extremely intricate, complex, and hyper-connected jitterbug style. As teachers they are known for bringing up dancers quickly, as well as training champion competitors.

As international swing dance instructors, Tony and Jaime teach all over the US, Canada, and Europe. As performers, they are frequently invited to share their style with such notable theater and dance organizations as Jacob's Pillow, The Group Theatre Too, Jazz Choreography Enterprises, American College Dance Festival, Lincoln Center, and the Hofstra University Department of Drama and Dance.

About Tony Fraser: Tony is a seventeen year veteran of swing dancing, competition, coaching, and teaching. He’s a best-of-breed technical instructor, a specialist in Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop, Aerials, Tricks, and Partner Charleston. He’s been on television and stage many times, and is an ALHC and US Open champion.

About Jaime Shannon: Jaime is a classically trained dancer having earned her dance degree from Hofstra University. She has worked with several New York City based modern dance, contemporary, and jazz dance companies such as Azul Dance Theatre, Dance Cat-Alyst,  Lauren Hale Dance, HalloHallo Inc, Kelley Donovan and Dancers, and the Bronx Opera Company.

Tony and Jaime have teaching and performing together since 2010.

Aerials and tricks videos

Note on Danger from Tony : As an aerials teacher and coach since the late 90's, I always debate putting dangerous content up on the web because of new-to-aerials dummies who think they can figure it out. However, Jaime and I put this up anyway for marketing purposes as we are often asked to teach and coach aerials at advanced levels.  That said, please know this is dangerous and some of this content can kill youWhat you will not see in these quick videos is the decade long relationships we have with our spotters that we fully trust our lives with. 

PS : Videos with danger are documented on the youtube channel itself. Please read descriptions there.

SHAG Videos

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Lindy Hop and Charleston Videos

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3-4 Oct -- UCONN

21 August -- Jacob's Pillow (Instructors and Performers)

19-21 June -- Shaggin' Montreal

14 June -- Master class at Mark Morris

17 May -- JCE Show


18-19 Oct -- JCE show at Alvin Ailey

12 Oct -- Shag workshop at Dance Manhattan

11 Oct -- LIPF / Wounded Warriors benefit at the Intrepid

26-28 Sept -- NYC Shag Summit

13 Sept -- San Francisco shag workshop

10 Aug -- Aerials workshop at Dance Manhattan

8 Aug -- Jacob's Pillow show

27 July -- Shag Crash Course at Dance Manhattan

28-29 June -- Beantown

21-22 June -- Australian Shag Camp (Perth)

25-27 April -- Shaggin' Montreal

30 March - Collegiate Shag crash course at Dance Manhattan

1-2 March -- New Haven Crash III Tricks and Aerials Weekend

16 February -- Adv VLindy Hop workshop at Dance Manhattan [FB Event]

19 January -- Aerials at Dance Manhattan. [FB Event]


26-27 Oct -- Glasgow

21-25 Oct -- London

18-20 Oct  -- Spirit of Lindy's Shag in Paris

28 Sept- 1 Oct -- NYC Shag Summit

23-25 Aug -- Shag at ILHC!

20-21 July -- Montreal

4 July -- Instructors for Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing battle of the bands night

18-19 May - Choreographer's Canvas in NYC (showcase performance)

27-28 April New York Jazz Choreographers Project  (showcase performance)

26 & 28 Mar -- ACDF (instructors)

15-17 Feb -- Shag Explosion / Canadian Shag Dance Championships

26 January - New Haven Crash II  (Aerials and performance lindy)


9 December -- Aerials at Dance Manhattan

16-18 Nov -- Montreal Rhythm Break (teaching shag w/ jaime)

12-14 Oct -- Spirit of Lindy's Shag in Paris (w/ Jaime)

13-16 Sep -- Hot Rhythm Holiday (teaching shag and partner charleston w/ jaime)

19 Aug -- Shag Crash Course at Dance Manhattan

12 Aug -- NYC Pier Dance -- Public debut of Shag NYC's new team routine

12 Aug -- Aerials workshop at Dance Manhattan

11 Aug -- Performing at Fete de l'Hurricane.

16,23,30 July -- Aerials Workshops at Dance Manhattan. (w/ Jaime, Andrew Fleming spotting)

21 July -- Shag and Lindy, Princeton NJ (w/ Jaime)

10 June -- Aerials at Dance Manhattan (Sunday)

28-29 April -- New Haven Crash Weekend (teaching aerials & tricks weekend w/ jaime)

30Mar-2Apr Hep Cats Holiday , Norfolk England (teaching shag & partner charleston w/ jaime)

17 Mar -- Dance Manhattan Workshop NYC (teaching partner charleston w/ jaime)

17-19 Feb Shag Explosion, Ottawa (teaching shag w/ jaime)


2-4 Dec: LindyPott, Dortmund, Germany (teaching shag/aerials w/ jaime)

7-9 Oct : Hot Rhythm Holiday, Austin (guest)

25 Oct : London's All the Cats Join In Opening Night (Guest)

24 Oct : London Workshop (teaching shag w/ Claire Austin)

16-18 Sept : Swing Explosion, Ottawa (teaching shag w/ jaime)

30July-2Aug : Summer Jamboree, Senigallia IT. (teaching shag with jaime)

21-23 July : Camp Hollywood

10-14 Aug : Shake Rhythm and Roll (teaching shag w/ Jaime)

17 July : Lindy Hop Intensive (NYC)

12 June : Collegiate Shag Intensive - (NYC)

4 May : Swing Remix (NYC)

8-10 Apr : Shagception PA (guest)

26-27 Mar : Lindy and Shag weekend, Carlisile PA (teaching charleston/shag/lindy w/jamie)

19 Mar : Swing Remix NYC (advanced lindy)

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NY Times12 April 2015

Featured dancers on the Travel Channel shoot at Swing 46.

NY Times

22 May 2014

Tony and Jaime are shown as they judged the competition featured in this video. They were also featured in the print edition.

Real Men Lift Women

June 27 2013

Blog Interview

Time Out New York

June 20-26 2013 issue

Page 28

Photographed by Noffar Gat

Time Out New York, 18 July 2013

Web Feature :

Photographed by Noffar Gat

The Examiner, 20 May 2013

"Jamie Shannon and Tony Fraser's “Shag Explosion” left a breathless audience to explode in applause at the non-stop number's completion."

by Joyce Hydeweb version of article


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A note to promoters and event organizers :

If interested in rates and instructions in how to book Jaime and me for your event, please email one of us for access to the promoter's page.

Kilowatts Dance Theatre 

Kilowatts Dance Theatre is a group of professional dancers and performers who have performed at Midsummer Night's Swing, Jacob's Pillow, and a few other major east coast dance events. 

Keep your ears open here, we are putting together a full length show in NYC in 2016.!